4everproxy is a free and relatively fast web based proxy which can help any user open up blocked internet sites while remaining incognito. It is owned by forever proxy network. The server located in the United States, It is also a free type server while the domain name is 4everproxy.com. The majority of its users come from Pakistan and the United States of America. A two-hour browsing session is always created whenever you visit 4everproxy. After the period, your season is automatically cleared off for security purposes. It also limits hackers’ activities and hides IP addresses of all users preventing anyone from tracking them. It is absolutely free to use with no limitations and bandwidths to use. 4everproxy simply opens up a gateway on the Internet for users to surf without having to overcome any restrictions.

Benefits of Using Proxy
• It has a special security system that enables it to hide a user’s IP address by replacing it with a fake one. Doing so preventing anyone from tracking users surfing through 4proxy.
• Its design enables a user to visit video sites such as YouTube and stream video faster and at ease.
• 4ever proxy is optimized on various dedicated servers for convenient browsing speeds
• It is a free, fast and secure web proxy enabling users to access their favorite sites securely.
• It enables fast speed browsing with a limitless bandwidth.
• It is integrated with a secure socket layer that boosts your security during browsing. The encryption protects a user from hacker interference. The site is also verified by Comodo.
• 4everproxy is also easy to use; it has a very simple design and a vivid navigation for any user.
• Finally, you can use it for all your browsing needs without restrictions.

Why you should use 4ever Proxy while Opening Blocked Sites
• You will not experience pop-up advertisements.
• Your browsing speed will be fast
• It is secure and safe
• Easy to use
• You will not be affected by bandwidth restrictions.
• Your work will be encrypted by the secure socket layer.

How to use 4everproxy
In case you need to access a blocked site, you can open it with 4everproxiy by following the listed instructions below.
• First, open 4everproxy.com on your browser.
• Go to the site, all the way to exploring.
• Enter the URL web address of the site you wish to access in the box provided.
• You can choose filters if you like or you can as well leave them.
• Then click on “Go to site”
• Your blocked site will finally open, you will now be free to access the site safe and securely with no restrictions.

For What Purposes can 4everproxy be used for?
• 4everproxy can be used to open legal blocked sites in your respective country.
• It can be used to surf freely any restricted sites
• It can be used if you wish to hide your online identity for privacy
• It can be used to safeguard browsing activity for hackers.
• It can also be used to protect your computer from online viruses and harmful malware.

It is now evident that 4everproxy is the easiest and most convenient free proxy for anonymously opening all the blocked sites in a few steps without risking your privacy.