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Do you know the best free web proxies to access blocked sites? Here is a guide to opening obscured or blocked web pages from PC, smartphone, and TV through free proxy sites.


  • Hide Me
  • 11 Proxy
  • WhoerVPN
  • KProxy
  • FilterBypass
  • NewIPNow
  • VPNBook
  • Do Not Filter

Some sites are not available to us mainly for legal reasons. However, suppose you cannot install any programs or change the Internet connection parameters. In that case, you can use a free proxy sites that allow you to open other websites to navigate and overcome the blocks imposed by a provider.

The Best Free Web Proxies To Access Blocked Sites

After revealing how to access and navigate blocked Internet sites in the office, here are the services to bypass the blocks imposed in our country.

To use these free proxy sites, you must enter the site’s Internet address you want to access by opening it within them. This way, you can hide your IP address, giving the impression that the connection to the website comes from another PC. Unfortunately, unlike VPNs, not all web proxy servers protect the privacy and encrypt traffic. In addition, advertising, often invasive, annoys even if it disappears quickly.

Hide Me

Hide Me is one of the most popular VPN providers. It offers a free Web Proxy service without registration and that you can use to access blocked sites through German, Dutch, or American servers. To use it, you have to write the URL of the blocked portal in the bar in the center of the screen and press the button Visit Anonymously.

11 Proxy

11 Proxy is a service that has its servers located in the USA. Therefore, it is undoubtedly the most suitable solution to access geo-blocked content available only in North America. It has a friendly and straightforward interface, but it flawlessly performs the proposed task. It offers adjustment of the settings regarding page encryption, cookie blocking and allows you to choose whether or not to stop scripts and objects. To use it, all you have to do is type the URL of the site you want to unblock in the appropriate field in the middle of the page. Then click the Go button and wait for the website you want to visit to load.


WhoerVPN is a portal belonging to the Web Proxies category. You can connect to the sites that interest you through Amsterdam, Paris, Moscow, Stockholm, London, Dallas, and Saint Petersburg. You can take advantage of the option to use servers, test connection speed randomly, and verify ping.


KProxy is a long-standing free proxy sites service that allows you to reach blocked internet sites without adding banners or advertisements. It also provides extensions for Firefox and Chrome without having to visit the website. KProxy is also available in a paid Pro version, much faster and without advertising on the home page.


Through the FilterBypass service, you can easily reach any place of interest by disguising your IP address. It also offers dedicated options to encrypt URLs, block cookies, and delete scripts.


If you want to disguise your identity on the Web using a different IP address than the one you use, NewIPNow could be for you. The service allows you to access blocked web content. To select one of the various IP addresses available in the proposed list and refer to different areas of the world. To access a blocked site, you must type its URL in the corresponding field. For each IP, you will have available the ping estimate and the crowding level.


VPNBook can be used above all to access those regionally hidden websites by acquiring a French, Canadian, British or American IP address thanks to servers located in several countries. Easy to use, it is a very fast and easy-to-use web proxy. All I have to do is type the URL of the site to get into the Enter URL field and assign one of the many servers. You can also have one assigned automatically by leaving the Random Proxy option selected and then hitting the Let’s go button.

Do Not Filter

Do not filter is a very concrete, agile, but functional Web Proxy service. The interface does not allow you to choose the server to use, but it performs the task assigned to it excellently. The fictions for encrypting URLs and deleting scripts are very interesting.

As an alternative to free proxy sites, it is possible to configure the parameters on a PC, smartphone, and tablet by visiting the site for an up-to-date list of free proxy sites proxy servers to use at will.