Host your own proxy server

Well.. a few month a go I find my self in the position of  looking for proxy to use for SEO.

After I have look over the web for proxy providers I decide that the best solution will be to create my own proxy server.

Why to build your own proxy server?

With your own proxy server you have the guarantee that you and only you use those proxy, most of the providers out there, all trough they declare and sell dedicated/private proxy be sure that you share your proxy with others since is very hard to slow down the proxy if those are share between 10-20 users.

The second reason to create your own proxy server is that you know how those proxy are used. Me for example, I need proxy to scrape G so I need proxy that are not banned by G. I share my proxy’s with some other guys then one of them can blacklist those.

The third think you must consider is that having your own proxy server will be cheaper then buying a proxy, and also if you are interested you can start a small business or just offer proxy for friends or few clients so you can cover the cost of your proxy and by doing this you can get to have your own proxy server for free.

Another important thing is that the performance/ speed of a proxy depends on the server resources so having your own proxy server you can be sure that all the resources that the server have work only for you.

What you need to create your own proxy server (SOCKS PROXY SERVER ) or better said to host your own proxy server.

There always the solution to get your own machine and host it there but since this solution need more knowledge and set-up I will go for the simplest solution.

So here is what you need to host your own proxy server:


Multiple IP’s

A PROXY server.

So now let’s take it one by own and see how you ca get your own proxy server and even better your own socks (high anonymous ) proxy server

VPS you can find one here:  EUROPE LOCATION VPS   AMERICA LOCATION VPS . I also have a VPS with a proxy server from this company. You can buy a the first VPS plan (this depending on what you need) .

Multiple IP’s. All the host company offer additional IP’s for an extra cost. From what I notice this guys offer the best price.

A PROXY server. Here I found 2 solution. As I said, here I’m talking about hot to host your own proxy server, your socks proxy server. And for a socks server I will go for Dante proxy server : or for this Perl Script called .

If you have any difficulty or you are not familiar with linux I can setup your proxy server for you and also provide all the necessary (VPS + multiple IP’s + proxy server + set-up). Just contact me using the CONTACT and we can agree on a price. I’m talking about giving you a complete proxy server, I will not host your proxy server

I hope to come soon with a more detailed tutorial about how to host your own proxy server, or better said with a tutorial on how to actually configure and setup your own proxy server.