Stop looking for web proxy sites and build your own

A few days a go I was searching for a way to build my own web proxy website (actually a sub domain). I was looking to build this web proxy site for my personal use for two reason: first because I will be able to use a domain name with no “proxy” in it, since this is one of the criteria that can block the access, and second since I will be able to change the sub domain name one it will be put in the domain blacklist of my network administrator. Continue reading Stop looking for web proxy sites and build your own

Web Proxy Sites

Web Proxy Sites – Have you ever been at work or at school, you get ready to check your favorite social networking site or email, and find that it has been blocked by a content filter?

Many schools and businesses are beginning to utilize content filters in order to secure their computer systems from viruses (or their employees from lack of productivity).

There are many who are opposed to this, because it limits accessibility to information on the web that could be useful, and some even think that it is a violation of their personal rights. Continue reading Web Proxy Sites

Web proxy server

So I saw many times this syntax “web proxy server” used in the wrong way.
Many people when they talk about web proxy servers they mean web proxy sites but those two are completely two different things.

I will try to get all the aspect of what web proxy server are and will also try to explain some of the newbie idea about this. Continue reading Web proxy server