Stop looking for web proxy sites and build your own

A few days a go I was searching for a way to build my own web proxy website (actually a sub domain). I was looking to build this web proxy site for my personal use for two reason: first because I will be able to use a domain name with no “proxy” in it, since this is one of the criteria that can block the access, and second since I will be able to change the sub domain name one it will be put in the domain blacklist of my network administrator.

The only reason why I’m interested for a web proxy site is because I want to avoid the restriction from work, so no big deal, and no action that can hurt my server IP, this just off the record.

The only problem is that you need an web hosting to set up this web proxy site. You may also use a desktop computer but this will more difficult since you will need more work to set up that computer.

So the next step is to get a web hosting (you may find some cheap one here: Burst Net) an then go to your cPanel and upload one of the script and then all is set-up and you are ready to use your own web proxy website.

The great thing about using this method is that if the network administrator go and blog your website you can go and create an sub-domain or even get another domain for 2-3$. And after that move the script to the new sub-domain or domain so your proxy website is up and running.

About the script I was looking for some script to post them here but I found out that are many around the web and all have different feature. All of them do the same thing but what (help you browse the web and skip the you restriction), but they have different settings and this is why you should check for the one that fit to you.

If you have trouble finding php script to build your proxy website then just leave me a comment and I will look and test few script and post them here.