Things to Consider Before Picking A Free Proxy Server

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Do you know the things to consider before choosing a free proxy server? See some key aspects here.


  • The Public Server Domain Extension
  • Advertising
  • The Proxy Server Web Visitors
  • The Proxy Server Timeline
  • The Proxy Country

Free proxy servers, like premium proxy servers, allow Netizens to browse the web anonymously. The proxy server assigns an IP address to the Web browser that differs from the person’s actual IP address, allowing the user to remain relatively anonymous. The domain extension, the number of adverts, the existing visitor numbers, the duration of the public proxy, and the country of origin all play a role in selecting the best free proxy server.

Things to Consider Before Picking A Free Proxy Server

Here are the things you have to consider before picking a free proxy server.

The Public Server Domain Extension

When selecting the finest free proxy server, the first criterion is the public proxy server domain extension like .com, .net, or .org — at the end of a website address. Usually, it makes no difference what domain extension is used. However, there are instances when a Web blocker will block all .com domains, for instance. If that’s the situation, select a free proxy site with .edu, .net, .org, or a country-focused extension, like .us for the United States or .uk for the United Kingdom. Choosing a free proxy server with an unblocked domain extension allows you to access the proxy.


Advertising is an essential consideration because a free proxy that uses excessive advertising can cause your machine to slow down. Because free proxies are not pre-paid, the owner often earns money by displaying ads. This may appear when you initially connect the proxy or each time you visit a different site. With the use of a proxy with the lowest number of ads, you can surf websites without slowing down your pc.

The Proxy Server Web Visitors

The number of visitors at any particular time also influences how rapidly a proxy operates. Because public proxies typically use a single IP address, each user must use that IP address. As a result, the slower the proxy moves, the more visitors logged through at the same time. Some proxies will inform you how many users are logged in, but the vast majority will not. The only method to get around this is to utilize a proxy during off-peak hours.

The Proxy Server Timeline

The amount of time a free proxy server has been operational is an essential factor to consider. Most web blockers keep their lists up to date and can rapidly discover proxy sites. The proxy is disabled once it has been identified. It is best to look for a free proxy server that has only been up and running for a few mins to hours. If the proxy has been active for several months, it has most certainly been blocked.

The Proxy Country

The origin country, or where the proxy server’s IP address emanates, can imply the difference between accessing any site and being restricted in your browsing. Many nations in the Middle East and Asia, for example, use countrywide web blocks. Most North American And European nations have either no or relatively lax blocks. Find a free proxy server that uses an IP from a country with a limited or no blocker.