Top 10 Free Proxy Servers for Anonymous Web Browsing

free proxy servers

A web proxy server is a service that users can use to maintain anonymity and privacy when browsing the Internet. Here are the best free proxy servers for web browsing.


  • SSL Secure Proxy
  • HideMe
  • Proxfree
  • Hidemyass
  • Proxysite
  • Vpnbook
  • Kproxy
  • Newipnow
  • Hide me
  • Hidester
  • My-proxy

This service is interposed between the client computer’s communication through the browser, with the server that shows the searched web page.

Some of the added values that web proxy servers provide are security, performance improvement, and anonymity. When this service is used when visiting a web page, we prevent it from obtaining information stored in our browser, making the visit completely anonymous.

More users use proxy servers, so if they access the same website, it can be cached in the proxy server, causing the web page to load before in our browser.

List of Free Proxy Servers for Anonymous Web Browsing

SSL Secure Proxy

It has multiple proxy servers that can be selected for use and multiple IPs located in different regions. It includes a field in which we can insert alternative free proxy servers. When searching, it includes beneficial options, such as encryption in communication with the page, scripts, and cookies deactivation.


Another example of an anonymous free proxy servers that allows you to choose between several geolocated proxy servers in strategic regions. It includes options that allow not to download cookies, encrypt the URL, encrypt the page, eliminate scripts and objects from the site to visit.


The website allows you to select between multiple proxy servers using a fairly extensive list of IPs ordered according to the user’s latency. Includes options for removing cookies, scripts, page titles, objects. It also allows you to delete the web data generated during browsing.


It has several servers to choose from with which we want to anonymize our browsing, and it includes options to encrypt communication, deactivate cookies and scripts.


It has numerous servers in the US and Europe, and it does not include more options to interact with.


High-speed proxy servers that have an infrastructure of strategically geolocated servers. No interactions can be made.


It has several public servers ready to use as anonymous browsing servers.


This website allows us to browse anonymously using any of the servers shown in a list ordered according to the latency of the closest connection point.

Hide me

Like some mentioned above, this website allows you to browse anonymously by encrypting the connection with the proxy, deleting cookies, deleting images and other web objects, deleting scripts, and deleting the data generated during browsing.


It allows you to choose between a couple of servers located in the US and Europe. They include options to disable the download of cookies, deletion of scripts and objects.


Another platform similar to the previous ones has a slight peculiarity; the user doesn’t need to choose a proxy server from the list since the search engine has a button marked by default that automatically searches for a random server.