Web proxy server

So I saw many times this syntax “web proxy server” used in the wrong way.
Many people when they talk about web proxy servers they mean web proxy sites but those two are completely two different things.

I will try to get all the aspect of what web proxy server are and will also try to explain some of the newbie idea about this.

Web Proxy Server – definition

A web proxy server is a server that stand in front of another server and have the role to route files and request to other server. It’s mainly use for security and to protect the main server/ servers.

Latest I saw a technique that use web proxy server to fight against DDOS attacks. There was some interesting information about the set up of an web proxy server for this propose  there but this is another discussion

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Web Proxy Server  – as web proxy

As I said many times the term “web proxy server” is used to describe what is called web proxy or to be more specific a proxy website.

This use of the term is incorrect since when we talk about web proxy we are talking about a website that have behind a script that retrieve the code from a third party website and display it. The principal here is that you use the IP of the hosting server of that website to access the third party website so your IP stay anonymous. And more then that the response from the third party server are process by the hosting server of the proxy website this way you can overpass the restriction of your network.

Is true that this website is hosted on a server but that is a common hosting not an web proxy server.


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Web Proxy Server – as a proxy server

Some people say “web proxy server” when they talk about a proxy sever, probably because they use those proxy to surf the web.

A proxy sever is a server that have multiple IP and a proxy server application/script installed.

So basically is a server that control and redirect the incoming traffic  thru different locally IP hiding or not, depending on the server application, your IP .

This sever does not process the request they are only carried thru. Only SOCKS5 proxy servers process DNS requests.

But a proxy server is different from a web proxy server because they can be also used in internal networks and have regather applicability than a web proxy server that is main propose is to manage web traffic

squid : Optimising Web Delivery

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Getting Squid

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Squid Web Proxy Wiki

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Squid support. There’s a variety of different options available for …


Acl – Cache_peer – Access_log – Cache_dir – Cache_mem –

Squid Advisories

Squid Advisories. SQUID-2016:6 (CVE-2016-4052, CVE-2016 …


Squid Documentation. O’Reilly’s Book on Squid: The Definitive …

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So this a short story about a web proxy server and his meaning. As you can notice there may be different explanation to the question “what is a web proxy server”  depending on what are you talking about and who you talking.

I will try to come soon with more detailed information about a web proxy server, how can you use them, and how you can set up a web proxy server and some web proxy server application/script