Web Proxy Sites To Dodge Your IP Provider

Web Proxy Sites – Proxy server refers to an intermediary source for transfer of material whether connection, web page or any specific file.

Proxy server identifies and check if the demand made a client is in accordance with the rules and protocols and if it is so, service is transferred.

The basic means employed by proxy servers are IP address or protocol, which checks the client information and then fulfill the request by connecting to the demanded server, while itself acting as a proxy.

Web Proxy Sites Advantages:

The advantages of a proxy server system are:

  1. Security: One of the biggest problem faced by websites of many companies is yo deal with hacking. By using proxy server sites, the true identity and other relevant personal pieces of information are kept hidden by proxy server sites.
  2. Caching: Proxy server sites serves to cache web pages from their respected websites in order to speed up the resources and to save time.
  3. To access prohibited sites: This is especially used in companies and institutes, where the IP provider restrict or block a few sites, to prevent the access of general public to those sites. This is true for a number of social media networking sites that are often blocked by parents and institutes to keep students focused on studies, however by using proxy server sites, this is not that difficult of a problem to handle.
  4. Overcome domain restriction: Web proxy sites also allow its users to transfer, request and use materials to externally hosted domains. This is exceptionally useful when cross domain access is restricted.

Top Web Proxy Sites

There are a few tried and tested proxy server sites that are not just easy to use but also are safe and secure. Some of these are:

  1. BypassMyspace: This proxy server site allows it users to access any site that is blocked or restricted by the IP provider or domain. All what you have to do is, enter your required website link in this proxy server site and enjoy your work.
  2. BetterUnblock: this is another website to unblock your favorite or required websites at work. Usage of this proxy server site is absolutely free and gives you unlimited usage.
  3. Proxy 108: Another proxy server site that allows maximum free usage, for all websites anywhere, with any IP domain.
  4. ProxyTop: This proxy server site allows you to do unlimited web browsing regardless of any restriction.

Some other web proxy sites are SilverSurf, Free MySpace layouts and PinkSocks.