Web Proxy Sites

Web Proxy Sites – Have you ever been at work or at school, you get ready to check your favorite social networking site or email, and find that it has been blocked by a content filter?

Many schools and businesses are beginning to utilize content filters in order to secure their computer systems from viruses (or their employees from lack of productivity).

There are many who are opposed to this, because it limits accessibility to information on the web that could be useful, and some even think that it is a violation of their personal rights.

There is, however, a solution to content filters, and that is using

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Web Proxy Sites

A web proxy site works by working around your content filter.  When you choose one of these sites, it will bring you to an independent platform for you to enter your desired address on, and the web proxy will then take you to the site bypassing your company or school’s content filters.

Web proxy sites are an effective way to utilize the internet to your fullest potential, without having to worry about your IP address being recorded.

Many people are against the idea of web proxy sites.  For some parents, this could raise a serious concern with their child’s safety.  Therefore, having a list of the most commonly used web proxy sites is a good idea, so you can monitor their use.

There are new sites created every day, so it is very difficult to stay on top of all of them.  However, with the right information and least knowing that they exist, you can continue to protect your computer, your students, children and employees from viewing content that may not be appropriate.

Web Proxy Sites

Web proxy sites are legal, and they have become a popular tool with our current technology.  For those who want to bypass content filters to view websites that are not typically allowed, they are an excellent way to achieve this objective.

However, be cautious that using a web proxy site can be a serious violation of your technical regulations, so be warned that anyone could be watching you at anytime.  Knowing about these web proxy sites can either help you work easier or help you protect your children, but either way, information is always the best tool.