5 Reasons Your Company Should Use Proxy Servers

Why use proxy server

A proxy server’s purpose is usually only vaguely understood by an average netizen. Here is the guide on why use proxy server and the ways your company can use anonymous proxy server.


  • Enhance Company Security
  • Perform Sensitive Tasks Privately
  • To Avoid a Server Crash, It Balances Traffic
  • Employee Internet Usage Control
  • Savings on Bandwidth and Increased Speeds

If you relate to this, you likely equate an anonymous proxy server with bypassing Netflix movies from foreign countries or staying safer on a public WiFi network. However, proxy servers offer much more – and are especially essential for companies.

Proxy servers are a simple technology that connects a device with a private IP address to some other web server.

A proxy server service has a publicly available IP address. While it may appear to be a minor modification, the proxy IP address can be utilized for various critical business activities ranging from security to user experience.

Even if you aren’t involved in technology, there are five important reasons to employ anonymous proxy server that every business leader should know.

1. Enhance Company Security

Today, every business is concerned about hackers. A digital security breach is always expensive, both financially and in terms of public perception.

Anonymous proxy server decreases the possibility of a breach. Proxy servers offers additional protection between your servers and external traffic. A proxy server is a buffer since they can connect to the internet and relay requests from connection not originating from the network.

While hackers may gain access to your company proxy, they will have difficulty contacting the server that runs the web software on which your data is kept. You won’t be able to keep elite hackers out completely with simply a proxy IP, but you’ll be far less exposed.

2. Perform Sensitive Tasks Privately

The ability of proxies to anonymize online traffic is undoubtedly their most prominent feature. Nevertheless, many people are unaware of how critical this function is for organizations.

Reporters, activists, and security personnel rely on proxy servers to safeguard themselves, their sources, businesses, customers, and associates.

You can also efficiently secure any current R&D and other business operations. Any potential spy attempting to trace online traffic to uncover what your firm is producing will have a much more challenging time monitoring your employees if your company is continuously using a proxy. Any sensitive internet tasks are more secure if they are first anonymized using a proxy.

3. To Avoid a Server Crash, It Balances Traffic

Nothing irritates a customer more than a company’s website being unavailable when they need it. By preventing this from happening, anonymous proxy server, and peering improve user experience.

In essence, your platform’s data and content are kept in the cloud on multiple servers worldwide, and peering allows your network to manage more traffic. You can’t expect a consumer to try a variety of ISPs to get needed content.

Instead, a proxy server generates a single web address that will function as the access point. The proxy also can regulate requests for every server so that none of them become overloaded. All mentioned functions are in the background to ensure that your users have a nice experience on your platform.

4. Employee Internet Usage Control

No corporation wants its employees to access unsafe or inappropriate websites using workplace networks. As a result, many internal networks use a proxy server.

When a proxy is used to access the network, IT admins can regulate which computers have access to the network and which sites those computers can view. You can restrict access to any websites that contain objectionable information or that you do not want employees to visit on business time.

Network administrators can even keep track of what content is accessed and when for internal use.

5. Savings on Bandwidth and Increased Speeds

Most consumers believe anonymous proxy server slow down internet connections because of all the extra work they conduct in the background. However, this is not always the case.

Anonymous proxy server can rapidly enhance network speeds and conserve bandwidth by reducing traffic, caching files and online pages accessed by numerous users, and stripping advertisements from websites. This frees up valuable bandwidth on crowded networks, allowing your staff to connect to the internet swiftly and efficiently.